What’s Brewing at Satuu?

In March, Semart met up with Syahir, the owner of Satuu, the aesthetically pleasing cafe adorned with Japanese decor. As we walked through the gates, the inviting smell of coffee pulled us in. Based in Setapak, the cafe had a clean vibe, with white walls and minimalist furnishing. It felt calming and carefree.

‘Satuu’ came from the word ‘Ichi’ in Japanese, which means ‘one’. The extra ‘u’, Syahir explains, refers to ‘you’. In essence, it is a play on words; a pickup line to attract a smile. Satu you.

Satuu serves delicious coffee based and non-coffee based beverages. Try out some of their drinks – iced mocha, iced shakerato bianco, cold brew, lemonade, and specialty teas! They also serve scrumptious food, such as burnt cheesecake, cream puffs, chicken pie, and chocolate cake.

While visiting, we were served something we’ve never tried before – a fresh take on your usual cheesecake: tofu cheesecake! It looks like cheesecake, but tastes much lighter and more refreshing. Simply delicious, especially for tau fu fa lovers like us.

Similar to previous testers, Semart provided Satuu with a POS terminal with a POS app installed. They have been using it religiously for three weeks now, capturing daily sales data that Semart will turn into meaningful business insights. Semart wishes to grow together with Satuu, and wishes Satuu all the best in their thriving business.

“I was in need for a POS system because it is tiring to manually update and consolidate my daily sales. Besides, with manual bookkeeping, it is difficult to keep things accurate.”
– Syahir, owner of Satuu

Visit Satuu’s Instagram page at @satuu_____.

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