Empower Business Owners through Financial Literacy

Semart is an accredited social enterprise that empowers PICO, NANO, and microSMEs with financial services.


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Key Areas of Impact

Informal Business Operation

Many PICO-smes operate without proper registration or license. This limits their access to formal markets and financial services.

Limited Financial Services

Approximately 35% of micro-entrepreneurs do not have access to formal banking services or financial assistance.

Regulatory Burden

Complex regulatory environment, with cumbersome licensing requirements and bureaucratic processes.

Semart focuses on three main areas, but guess what? There’s even more to it! It’s a challenging issue, especially in Southeast Asia. Learn more about Semart Impact Program.

Urusniaga the Semart Way.

Embark on your journey with Semart, watch your business soar. From pico to micro and beyond, we open every door. With a treasure trove of services, we’ll be by your side. Guiding you forward, with passion and pride.

  • e-invoicing (soon)
  • Book-keeping
  • Card Payments
  • National QR

Semart Assist

Fast setup and implementation

Track Performance

Reduce cost, manage expenses and more



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Made in Malaysia

506 and counting

Coffee and sleepless nights

Semart do not have users. We have partners.

No matter the size of your dreams, you’re part of our family. From the streets of Klang Valley to the serene landscapes of Sik, Yan, and Pendang, we stand united with remarkable entrepreneurs who are destined to make a difference in the world.

Compatible with your favorite apps.

With the latest update, we have opened up to more integrations. Stay tune and read our latest posts on social media to find out more.


Easy book-keeping tools for sole-proprietors.

Payment Providers

Integrated Card and QR Payments.

Customers Loyalty Program (Coming Soon)

Sustain profitability with your loyal customers.


Frequently asked questions

Can Semart track my business expenses?
Yes, Semart Dashboard has a lite book-keeping features.
How do I download Semart POS?
At the moment, we only offer download for our program participants. Contact us to learn more.
Is Semart a Social Enterprise?
Yes, Semart is an accredited social enterprise in Malaysia.
I love this initiative. How do I collaborate with Semart?
We offer CSR programs that we can run together and work with NCER, Yayasan and so much more. Come and join us.
How do I add new products to Semart POS?
Go to the product module and you can add simple products with variants and add-ons. It’s so easy.
Are you guys from Seedlab?
Yes, we were incubated in SEEd.Lab.
Where can I learn more about Semart Impact Program?
We can come to your office and pitch our project.
Can I integrate Semart with my payment system?
We have a feature where you can track payments without integration. For full integration, you must select one of our payment partners.

Question not answered above? Contact us →

Make your business Semart. Are you ready?

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