Branding Guidelines

Semart’s branding guidelines are straightforward. Here, you’ll discover our logos in vector format and all essential files to kickstart our partnership journey.

Color Code

Accent Color – #84afff

Primary Color – #FAF9F6

other colors ain’t important, but you can be my brother no matter if you’re black or white.


Now for the fun part. The Logos.

Type Download Link
Semart Logo (Black) update soon
Semart Logo (White) update soon
Semart App Logo update soon
Niagable Logo update soon

Here’s some rules. The do’s and don’ts :

  • Always use the font Proxima Nova on documents and printable materials.
  • When spelling semart. on posters and materials NEVER use any other fonts. Use the exact logo.
  • Never spell semart. with capital ‘S’ unless if it’s at the beginning of a sentence. On disclaimer or legal documents; please use all capital SEMART.
  • Do not use any patterns, shapes, textures on posters, postings and media. Always use color code #FAF9F6 as the background with black text or accent color text. No confettis, flowers, any kind of shapes.
  • Use the semart. app logo when referring to the semart. app.
  • Do not use any border, shape, or placeholder for photos. Keep it original and simple.
  • Do not use any kind of watermark with semart. logo on photos or videos.
  • Semart. deck, documents, briefs and posters are always on light-mode. Light color – never dark.

We are a cool company. We don’t enforce strict guidelines, but make it make sense. If it’s ugly, don’t do it. Contact us if you need help.