Let’s Have Satay with Mann Satey.

What is better than juicy, tender satay dipped in sweet, spicy peanut sauce? How do you eat your satay? Do you eat the satay first, and the condiments later? Do you eat them alternately? As for me, I stack the onion, cucumber slice, and a chunk of nasi himpit onto the satay skewer, dip them all into the peanut sauce, and eat them in one large mouthful. A medley of flavours; a harmonious combination of textures and just… umph.

Feel hungry yet? Why not pay a visit to Semart’s latest tester, Mann Satey! With five locations around Shah Alam and Subang, Mann Satay serves delicious, big chunks of satay with just the right balance of sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

Wanting to have a clearer view of the business finances, Encik Man of Mann Satey found Semart at just the right time. With Semart, he was able to have an overview of the total sales and total profit for each location at the end of the day, without having to manually calculate the transactions. This also gave him the overview of all five locations, such as which location was performing the best and which location sold out earlier.

Semart aims to make it easier for business owners such as Encik Man to have a clearer view of their business and help them save time, especially when managing multiple locations.

Visit Mann Satey’s Facebook page here. To find out more about Semart’s solution, register your interest here.

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