Best POS System For Small Businesses

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“I am just running a small business, why should I bother having a POS System?” you ask. Well in the age of technology it is important for small businesses to up their game to be able to compete with the big guys. POS system is a need to make business operations smoother, keep track of your sales, inventory, earnings and even gather customers’ details.

With so many different point of sale solutions available in the market, which will suit F&B small businesses the best? Here’s a list of POS System available in Malaysia for you can check out:

1. Semart

Semart by Niagable LLP is a start up grown under SEEd.Lab driven by Petronas & Tata Consultant Services. Their main goal is to ensure small businesses are able to digitalize their business affordably while obtaining actionable insights on their business. Semart prides on being beyond just a POS System. Software for basic package includes hardware, software, setup, training and support. Their software includes Order Management, Sales Summary, Inventory Movement, CRM and best selling Semart Analysis and Suggestions. Their best selling feature differs them from other POS in which it assists owners in making decisions to increase their sales, change product price, location and other issues. This feature also allows business owners to receive daily sales summary sent to their phone after closing & remove time taken for consolidation. Semart also offers other add on services including business forecast to assists in business expansion. Semart’s subscription starts from RM3.20/day.

2. Storehub

Storehub started off as a startup, is known widely in Malaysia and other 14 countries. They serve mainly retail and F&B outlets with different packages to suit the course of your business. Their POS Sytem is pleasing and easy to learn for POS newbies. Their features include Customer, Employee and Inventory management as well as simple sales reports on their dashboard. Storehub also have intergrated their POS to E-commerce platform and customer loyalty. Their e-Commerce platform is easy to set up and is great for business owners who wants to run their business online and offline. Storehub is also famous for their delivery service, Beepit. Beepit service however has its pros and cons. It helps business owners to reach more customers through food delivery with lesser cost then other food delivery services, customers have expressed the dissatisfaction with its service. You can subscribe to Storehub starting from RM8.99/day

3. Slurp

Starting as an QR Ordering App in 2014, Slurp by Silentmode Sdn Bhd eventually grew to become Slurp! Point-of-Sale. Slurp! focuses in F&B and fuel retail operations and now has been used by more than 2000 outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. In addition of features commonly found in many POS system such as cloud enabled, inventory management and staff management, they impress with their easy to use UI, waiter mode and table layout to ease order taking process and what they started with, QR ordering system. Slurp also offers payment intergrations and management of multiple outlets. Slurp however can be pretty costly especially to be used by smaller businesses. They also lack customer loyalty or CRM features which is a must have for smaller businesses to learn about their customers.

4. iChef

iChef started as a restaurant who were seeking for a POS system but was not able to find a system that fits their needs. This lead them to creating a POS System specially designed for restaurants. Their basic features include basic inventory for up to 100 items basic CRM for up to 500 members), basic reports & analytics, email and phone support and devices. iChef’s plus is that it has intergration with Grabfood, Foodpanda and accounting software, Xero Connect that is an advantage to some small businesses. You will however have to pay an additional RM75/month for device license. iChef’s UI is easy to use and valuable for restaurants especially their restaurant layout and however the feature does not cater and might be too much for smaller businesses or street vendors. You can subscribe to iChef from RM119/month

5. Qashier

Similar to Semart, Qashier started with the aim to empower small businesses to succeed in today’s ever changing economy. Their POS system is customizable accordin to the type of business which are retail, F&B, beauty and sevices. The best thing about Qashier is they have choices of terminal equipped with POS system and also able to accept payments. Although they might lack on their customer service and after sales service, their features tramples the issue as it is pretty simple and easy to use. Plus, their devices have a very sleek and clean look! You can now get their QashierX1 Starter Kit for RM1898 or subscription up to 24 months.

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