Best Thermal Printers for F&B in Malaysia

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There are tons of thermal printers in the market but which one should you get? Let’s take a look at some of the best thermal printers for F&B businesses. All of these are available at our store so be sure to check them out!

The Most Stable Bluetooth Thermal Printer – ZY58III

Bluetooth thermal printer has been a very popular product for many Micro-SMEs in Malaysia. Majority of them comes with a removable battery. However, this comes at a cost. It’s not stable and on average it dies after merely a year of usage.

We recommend ZY58iii for those looking for bluetooth thermal printer. It does not come with battery. You do need to a power outlet to use it but it is the most stable bluetooth thermal printer in the market right now. It supports both bluetooth and usb connection. A perfect companion to our iMin D2 compact POS terminal.

Thermal Printer with Auto-cutter. ZY301 and ZY306

If you are looking for speedy thermal printer with auto-cutter, we recommend ZY301. Why do you need auto-cutter? Speed. You don’t have to manually tear the receipt especially when you have many customers daily. It’s a pain in the neck!

Zy306 vs Zy301

If you are a little bit under budget, then ZY306 would do the job. They both have the same printing speed. However, ZY306 is cosmetically bigger than ZY301. It has lower resolution of 576 dot/line compared to ZY301 with 640 dot/line.

You may also get the ZY308 but the design is not as sleek as the other printers we have mentioned above.

Wifi Thermal Printer ZY608

Perhaps the most expensive thermal printer in our list today. The ZY608 supports wifi connectivity. Why wifi? Because generally it is more stable than bluetooth connection. All you need is a Local Area Network (LAN), you don’t need an internet connection for this to work. In another words, your printer will still work if you don’t pay your UNIFI bills.

The only caveat about wifi printer is that it is not as easy to set up as other printers. However, wifi is just the extra feature here. You can still connect ZY608 using other type of connection like USB, Serial, and LAN. It comes with all set of feature to make it one of the best thermal printers available in the market.

If you are a Semart user, we can set everything up for you. Depending on the type of set up, it may be free of charge or just a minimal service fee. Contact us for more information.

POS Terminals with Built-In Printers.

Last but not the least, these are some worthy mentions. If you have a small stall setup like food trucks, street vendors, then perhaps some of these terminals may be perfect for you.

Our popular M2-203 comes with sim card slot, so you can use 4G LTE for those who require internet connection. iMin D1 comes with a gorgeous 10.1″ screen, a very popular product for many of our customers running food truck businesses. iMin M2 Max is an upgrade to the popular, regular M2, it comes with 8″ portrait screen. Don’t be fooled by its’ size, M2 Max is super powerful. It uses 8 Core CPU and a decent connection with its built-in thermal printer.

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