Problems in Order Management

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Street food vendors may face a lot of problems in order management, especially if they are a one-man show. Common problems include not having time to write down orders during peak hours, forgetting or mistaking orders, and inefficient business flow, which leads to dissatisfied customers. At the end of the day, these issues result in the inability to consolidate sales properly, leading to inefficient bookkeeping.

How can street food vendors overcome these issues? The solution is right here with Semart. Semart provides street food vendors with hardware, software, and training. The point-of-sale hardware and software helps order taking through the tap-and-print feature, saving much more time and effort compared to writing down orders on a piece of paper. This time-saving feature is especially helpful during peak hours, ensuring no orders are mistaken or forgotten. Having orders printed out also creates a more efficient business flow, acting as an order queueing system that works in the first-in, first-out method. Those orders are automatically captured in the back end, which enables users to consolidate sales transactions at the end of the day within minutes. It also gives a more accurate cash flow record compared to manual consolidations.

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