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“Using the POS system made our process flow much more systematic and efficient.”
– Pulut & Kopi, 2022.

With the vision to help street vendors to be resilient and self-reliant through financial literacy, Semart’s pilot test went live earlier this year. Semart was fortunate to cross paths with Irdina and Arin from Pulut & Kopi as the two young, vibrant and driven entrepreneurs in Kajang agreed to be one of our earliest testers.

Roadside Delights: Pulut & Kopi Serves Up Savory Pulut Kuning and Aromatic Coffees in Bandar Teknologi Kajang!

Pulut & Kopi has been operating by the roadside at Bandar Teknologi Kajang for more than a year. They sell delicious pulut kuning with 3 choices of side dishes: rendang daging hitam, rendang ayam kuning, and sambal bilis belado. They also have various coffee and non-coffee beverage selections.

Streamlining Sales: Pilot Test Reveals Efficiency Boost with Tap-and-Print POS for Irdina and Arin!

The pilot test was carried out for 2 weeks. Irdina and Arin were provided with a point-of-sale (POS) hardware and app. The tap-and-print feature helped them speed up the order taking process, and they felt it was definitely easier than their usual method of writing down orders on paper. What’s more important is that using the POS saved all sales transactions onto the cloud, making it easier for them to review the data. With this data, Semart was able to extract valuable insights such as best-selling products, peak hours, and whether or not daily sales reached breakeven point.

Through data analysis and groundwork, Semart was able to provide business insights to help Irdina and Arin take their business to the next level. These insights can help with forecasting demand, production planning, and resource planning, and overall help them make the best decisions for their business.

From Paper to Profits: Irdina and Arin Embrace Data-Driven Decision-Making with Semart’s POS System, Paving the Way for Cafe Expansion!

With these two weeks of practice, Irdina and Arin felt it was easy to keep track of sales data through the use of Semart’s POS system, and more importantly, realised the importance of leveraging that data when making decisions for their business. This improvement in financial literacy also helped them plan their expansion into a cafe.

We wish Pulut & Kopi all the best in their expansion. Visit their Instagram page at @pulutdankopi. Semart’s first pilot test was definitely a success!

We look forward to creating more success stories. Contact us now to register your interest!

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