Long queues for Roti Kitab by nikafé!

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Indulging in a delightful lakeside breakfast sets the tone for a remarkable day ahead. Situated near Tasek Seksyen 7 in Shah Alam, Roti Kitab by nikafé has gained widespread acclaim among locals seeking a quick bite after their morning exercise or before heading to work or school.

Established in 2020 by Nik, also known as PokNik, Roti Kitab by nikafé initially focused on offering Roti Kitab with a limited range of variations and beverages. However, over time, their menu has expanded to include up to 10 different variations of Roti Kitab, as well as nasi lemak, nasi dagang, their signature Vietnamese coffee, and many other delectable options.

Is it worth the que?

A testament to their exceptional offerings, the sight of a queue forming at 7:30 a.m. near Tasek Seksyen 7 Shah Alam serves as an undeniable indicator that Roti Kitab by nikafé is truly worth the wait. Failing to join the queue promptly may result in the unfortunate consequence of being unable to secure a seat. The allure lies in their crisp bread, adorned with salted butter, kaya, and impeccably prepared half-boiled eggs, a combination so enticing that one may be tempted to savor two servings instead of one. Alternatively, for those with a hankering for something sweet, the Roti Milo or Roti Kacang Bakar, paired with a satisfyingly less sweet Teh Tarik, offer an indulgent and satiating experience.

Roti Kitab by nikafé not only caters to culinary cravings but also ensures a filling meal that leaves customers fully satisfied.

Addressing Operational Challenges : How did we help?

While Roti Kitab by nikafé enjoyed a thriving business with a loyal customer base, it was not without its share of challenges. During our research into the company, we stumbled upon customer reviews on Google that shed light on certain issues plaguing their operations. Despite the rave reviews about their delectable food, there were recurring complaints regarding the ordering system and lengthy waiting times. This prompted Roti Kitab to seek assistance in order to enhance their business processes and address these concerns effectively.

One of the primary pain points identified was the manual order-taking process, which resulted in delays and confusion. Orders were being handwritten twice—once for the kitchen and again for the drink counter—leading to inefficiencies and potential errors. Moreover, customers found it difficult to track the progress of their orders, occasionally resulting in misplaced or forgotten orders. Such shortcomings were gradually tarnishing the overall image of the business.


Enter Semart—a solution provider specializing in optimizing business operations. Recognizing the challenges faced by Roti Kitab, Semart devised a comprehensive business flow to streamline their operations and overcome these obstacles. The implementation of a point-of-sale (POS) system equipped with two kitchen printers and an order call machine proved instrumental in eliminating the confusion between the kitchen and the drink counter. This seamless integration ensured that orders were accurately communicated and promptly fulfilled.

To further enhance the customer experience, Semart introduced a receipt system that included an order number. This simple addition empowered customers to track the progress of their orders, providing them with a sense of assurance and a clear indication of when to collect their meals. With these improvements in place, Roti Kitab witnessed a remarkable reduction in order fulfillment time, from an hour per customer to just 20 minutes, thanks to Semart’s innovative solution.

It is important to note that Semart’s approach goes beyond the mere provision of devices. Their expertise lies in meticulously planning and optimizing business flows, ensuring that operational efficiency is achieved while keeping costs at a minimum. This holistic approach sets Semart apart from other POS system providers, delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business.

Through their partnership with Semart, Roti Kitab by nikafé successfully addressed the operational challenges that had been impacting their business. By leveraging Semart’s expertise and cutting-edge solutions, Roti Kitab was able to enhance their overall efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and reinforce their brand image as a reliable and efficient establishment.

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