From Oven to Opportunity: Syirazi Sharif’s Journey

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Meet Muhamad Syirazi Sharif, 27, who is part of the BeSemart program. Thanks to his mother’s constant encouragement and inspiration, he has succeeded in becoming an entrepreneur in the burger bun-making business.

As the youngest of five siblings, he began his business journey in January 2022 by selling sweet buns to convenience stores and vendors in the local area. However, his business didn’t pick up much traction at that time.

So, he decided to switch gears and start a burger bun business on Jenun Street instead.

“I tried making (burger buns) and selling them through Facebook. However, my income at that time was only RM50 per month and it was not enough. However, I didn’t lose hope and tried marketing through videos and setting my target customers. I shared it in the Burger Malaysia Group on Facebook. From there, my burger bun business began to thrive.”


Muhamad Syirazi has upgraded his burger bun business under the brand name Bread Mansion. Despite the growth, he admits that his business management lacks organization.

To address this, he joined the BeSEMART program, designed to empower entrepreneurs with financial literacy and business direction. BeSEMART, facilitated by Social Enterprise Niagable and funded by PETRONAS Foundation, provides tools for business enhancement.

“In this course, I’ve learned various skills, from bill management to budgeting. Plus, Semart provides monitoring for nine months,” he says.

Syirazi highlights the introduction of the Semart Dashboard tool, aiding in order and expense management.

It’s easier now. For example, if I get an order while I’m in the car, I can record it without having to open my laptop like before.

At the same time, Muhamad Syirazi also participated in the PETRONAS Foundation’s (Yayasan PETRONAS) empowerNCER program, which is one of the initiatives under the Rural Economic Sustainability Program (MEKAR). This program provides skills training and entrepreneurship opportunities in collaboration with the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA), particularly in the field of fermentation.

“I joined the Yayasan PETRONAS empowerNCER program in June 2022 for six weeks and was monitored for six months by their staff,” he said.

He mentioned that various food-making skills, including recipes, were taught during the course.

“From there, I learned how to develop bread recipes, which will help me in the future as I plan to expand my business by opening a burger kiosk,” he said.

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